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Mail-Eze opened it's doors in the fall of 1986



It's hard to imagine, but most of our clients did not have faxes or computers and cell phones were for the rare few. 

Times may have changed but the personal touch has not. Work with Mail-Eze and you work with me. After 32 successful years working with the Metro-Detroit business community, Mail-Eze is now one of the services offered by The Hill Street Group.

Mail-Eze is a proactive partner in anticipating and avoiding the pitfalls that could throw your project off track. We take great pride in our on-time record.


Services include:

  • List acquisition and management

  • NCOA processing

  • Direct impact addressing

  • Delivery to multiple post offices

Mail-Eze can pick up a project at any point from conception to mailing. So, if you already have a relationship with a graphic designer or printer, we will  be glad to handle the mail portion of your project. our goal is for you to consider us an extension of your own business or organization. We strive to be a vital partner in your direct mail needs.


Contact Pam Lippitt for more information


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