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Pamela Lippitt

Pam has been a public speaker her entire adult life. Now she is focusing her speaking engagements on how we communicate with others.

Ask for more information about:

  • Keynotes

  • Breakout Sessions

  • Workshops

Pick from these or discuss your own:

Communicating with Confidence: Schedule this popular presentation for conferences and team building.

Preparing the Right Pitch Deck: Learn about composing a pitch deck so it is an addition to your presentation, not a replacement.

Public Speaking 101: Mastering the "what did I just sign up for" anxiety.

Getting Noticed for the Right Reasons: From networking to meetings, learn to make your personality work for you.

First Time Team Builders: How to set up teams and meetings for successful outcomes.

Post Pandemic Refresh: Using this time to recreate existing roles and how people are viewed.

Want more information: Call Pam at 248-798-7824 or schedule a time to meet via zoom.

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