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Choosing your morning memory - #mug1

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

The other morning I emptied the dishwasher, as usual, which meant I had a full choice of what mug to grab for my morning fix. As I shuffled through the choices, I realized that each and every mug on the shelf invoked a special memory and took me back to a special place and time. So welcome to #mugmemories. I hope you will like the series and tell me about your favorite and go to mugs.

I love this mug from the Michigan Business Network. It always reminds me of running into @chrisholman1 @ and @JCurtisMosher. It's always great to be on Chris' show and talk about what I'm up to. Chris has been promoting Michigan businesses for years and is one of the best emcees I know.

And, it is the perfect size for my morning coffee!

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