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Communication Tips for Job Seekers

Pam was honored to join this group for a LinkIn Live-a-Thon for Job Seekers.

Take-aways include:

  • A landmark UCLA study showed that gestures count for a whopping 55% of the impact you have on an audience, while your tone of voice makes up 38%. Your words? A measly 7%. So, the non-verbal part of your presentation accounts for 93% of its impact!

  • Find a way to make an instant connection that is out of the box.

  • Things that make Pam crazy include:

    • Using negative talk: “Let’s not” vs. “What if we considered”

    • Using too many words: “as soon as I can” vs .“shortly”

    • Ending a sentence with a preposition: Where should we hold the meeting at?

    • Incomplete proof reading: Dont get me started!

Watch the video for the full presentation.

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