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Lessons from a Solopreneur – It’s never just one thing.

They say social media takes us down the rabbit hole. As a solopreneur, I know that it is so much more than social media controlling my time. Take today for instance. I joined a new online resource for women speakers last night. Yea me. That means in addition to my client work today, I need to:

1. Update my bio for the profile,

2. Figure out my passions and the other questions that are new,

which means I need to,

3. Update some website pages,

4. Update my blog site,

5. Update my Pam Lippitt Speaking page,

6. Do some work on my LinkedIn page,

7. Proofread everything 10 times, and

8. Did I mention get my client work done?

And yet, I wouldn’t trade being self-employed for anything. I love my work and know I am helping others share their passions and voices.

Here’s to another day at it tomorrow.


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